Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lighting Reference Video: Parabola

Parabola is an intriguing video. It too has its own feeling of self containment, creating an environment natural and wholly unique to itself. What is most interesting to me in this video is its emphasis on symbolism. These symbols can be linked to a sort of secret knowledge, the use of the apple for instance or the star contained within the circle (not necessarily a pentagram but invokes such imagery, perhaps pointing to its more ancient meaning of fertility or birth). The camera its seems to hold on the images often allowing for a cut in closer than originally further emphasizing its meaning.

The use of depth of field creates a kind of murky or hazing feeling through much of it giving it the viewer the feeling of always wanting to look deeper into it. This also has a sort of revealing effect, allowing these symbolic items to ascend out of the mist.

* Produced by David Bottrill
* Art direction by Adam Jones (guitar, backing vocals for Tool)

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