Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Storyboards + Lighting keys

This is taking longer than I thought! But I guess they're coming out okay. Once I'm done with all, I'll probably go back and make finished, detailed piece of one of these. Most of these images were created using images found on DeviantArt or Google image search. No copyright violations intended. Images made strictly for non-profit, educational purposes only.

Shot 01

Shot 02

Shot 03

Shot 04

Shot 05

Shot 06

↑ Establishing shot for lead character. Few impromptu shots of her seated on the throne. Then she gets off the throne and starts walking.

Shot 07

Shot 08

Shot 09

Shot 10

Shot 09B

Shot 11

Shot 12

Shot 13

↑ Camera with very shallow DOF zooms out on her and focuses on the tree branches. Camera follows a branch very closely.

↑ Zoom in on white liquid drop. Fade out.

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