Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flower Bloom Composition/Camera Reference

The subtle camera move and the chromatic aberration creates such a surreal space

Here the slow backgrounds that are completely out of focus create an interesting image, while in the foreground the flower blooms. Makes it look very real, and plausible yet has some surreal qualities.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Music Ambient layers

I've added in the ambient layers of the track. Most of the ambient string sounds were designed with NI Kore Player. There's also a few tracks of my voice here and there creating the choir like.

This also features the bass played by Brandon. I've edited his performance here and there just a little to make them sit more tightly over the kick.

Next, I'm going to rent out a 7 string guitar from a the local guitar shop and re-track all the guitars.

Dance cues

The motion in the dance sequence is going to reflect the motion in the guitar's melody. The melody is basically playing over a 4/4 time signature but going in and out of phase with the up and down beats. The dance will reflect this.

I've created a motion cue for both the dancers. These motion cues (ting and ding sounds panned left and right) will act as a "force" which causes them to change their pose.

This way their motions will be somewhat independent and organized in time, and my hope is that it reduces the visual chaos of that scene a little, and will reinforce the rhythmic structure of the music via visual, motion coherence.

Improved design

The makeup really fell apart in the shoot we did last week for the dance scene. So we're redesigned the characters. Instead of bald caps, we'll just comb the hair up with gel and hairnets to create tendril like structures attaching them to the white tube from above.

Lotus Shader

Here are some progress pictures of the Lotus shader that Ariel is working on.

He's also going to re-model the petals so that he can UV-unwrap them.

Heads Makeup Concepts


Here's a quick makeup test we did on Jessica. Shelia did the hair.

Here are some quick hair-style references