Friday, January 28, 2011

Music Concept & References

To establish the other worldly mood, I plan to use atmospheric guitar sound scapes through out the piece. Plus, I plan to experiment with varied time signatures and poly rhythms, which I believe help create minimal music with a strong groove. It involves overlapping different time signatures, and the different grooves go in and out of phase which I think has a mind-bending quality.

TesseracT - Concealing Fate

The intro clean guitar motif has such a strong ambient feel. It is contrasted with the heavy over-driven guitars in the background. The clean guitar pretty much stays the same through out the piece and maintains the atmosphere, while the other instruments take the liberty to travel around. The chorus here has that groovy feel that I was talking about earlier.

Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl

This again has that quality, where the electronic drums and the repetitive samples establish the main groove and stays constant through out the piece while everything else wanders around it. The bass is very heavy and almost loud in the mix, which I believe is done purposely because it makes a kind of meditative mood. You could almost just focus on the bass line and reach a trance state of mind.

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