Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lighting Reference Video: Unoder

This video shows how there can be still be a wide variety of interest in the frame even if the set itself is very minimal. Here the focus is much more on the costuming, often allowing the background to be nothing more than fog and rolling gradients. The lighting its self is soft but not so much so that its impact becomes less dramatic. While many of the actresses are often more flatly lit than in the Tool videos, the inclusion of the highly bright rim light to separate the characters from the dark background adds to the drama of the event and the overall softness giving it more of a feeling of high fashion or art akin to the films of Paramount in the 30's.

This gives it a sort of glossy exterior and with the addition of the slow motion, makes one feel as if they're watching porcelain dolls act out this highly ritualized sort of drama on a theater's stage. While obviously not very realistic, that isn't the point. This continues the sort of themes that we are looking into with the ideal of symbolic meaning and ritualism.

Under Byen - Unoder from Daniel de Vue on Vimeo.

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